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If you have a business with superior offerings to those of your local competitors, then unless you get listed on the top of search engine results pages for the local area, you are sure to miss out on many lucrative business opportunities.

GurgaonSeoCompany, the top local SEO company in Gurgaon, helps your brand get the visibility along with your competitor products. Our local SEO services are tailored to make your site rank higher than your competition in the search engine results. Our SEO services will get you more qualified traffic and increase your revenue and sales.


Find out how your business is doing with respect to leads and the sales potential.


Local SEO helps increase your brand visibility when you want to target clients within a limited area. The major difference between conventional SEO services and those tailored to the local market is that conventional services are more flexible, while targeted SEO strategies make sense for businesses with a direct communication with their customers, viz. a hospital, Hire a cab service, Products selling, and so on.

Businesses can focus their marketing efforts on a specific area when they choose from the many SEO service providers. For example, a car wash business can promote itself as the best in the city and target its services to people in that city and nearby localities. When someone searches for car wash from a specific region, the business will be listed in the top positions for that search.

Not only will we create and optimize a site for the specific area, but these statistics on local SEO services will help you see just how important it is.

  • Google’s “Near Me” search facility on mobile devices have changed the way users look to find businesses. Over 80% of smartphone users look for the “near me” results before taking a decision
  • More than 30% of searches from mobile devices are specific to a location

Businesses that are not optimized for local search will not appear in the search results, so take care to properly optimize them.

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Our Local SEO Services

Ranked as the best local SEO services agency in Gurgaon, GurgaonSeoCompany has been helping small to large businesses with their local SEO requirements. Our SEO expert team work with clients and create quality content (both on page and off page) at a very affordable pricing.

We specialize in the following local SEO services in Gurgaon

Local Content

We specialize in helping businesses to target their local audience with the right content so they can connect with this specific crowd. It’s very important that your content is focused on what local people will find interesting. Your content should be engaging, attractive and helpful for the reader.

Google Business Listing

Get your business verified in Google Maps! It will make you trustworthy and more real to customers. Your advantage – see your company listed on the sidebar within local search results. We’ll set up your business page on Google My Business, and link your website to the business account so you can have a centralized promotional platform.

Optimize your content

As the leading local SEO services agency in Gurgaon, we’ll give your content a thorough check and optimize the content for the following – high-performing keywords, URL structure, Page Title, Meta description, Page Header, and Page Body. We’ll even tweak your content to be geographically competent for your local audience.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll evaluate your competition to understand how they’ve used content and keywords on their local listings. We’ll tweak yours with the best strategies to get you in front of your targets.

Mobile Friendly Website

If you’re an small business with a site that caters to customers on tablets and smartphones, it’s important for your pages to be mobile-friendly. Why? About 90% of smartphone users search for local business from their handheld devices. Users tend to look for your business contact details or use the map to find the way to your business location. It’s crucial that your business website is optimized for mobile and handheld devices.

Location Pages

Our SEO experts will add location pages on your website that will provide information to customers about your business, operational hours, and other key details. We’ll also make sure your company is located on the Google Map and update this information in all posts related to your services or products.

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Gurgaon SEO Company the leading local SEO services agency in Gurgaon, focuses on delivering the best local SEO services for your business and increase your local presence using the perfect search engine optimization techniques.

We specialize in local SEO services and we are confident to exceed your expectations at the most affordable and reasonable pricing.

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